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Stronger relationships at work (and beyond) have been shown to increase engagement and improve performance. Whether your team works remotely or is always in the office, form authentic connections from anywhere with personalized recognition.

Give and receive in-the-moment recognition to strengthen your team’s bonds. Expand beyond company boundaries and include partners, contractors, customers, and more. Then, compile recognitions and showcase team culture on a web-based profile page.

It's always free to install and use Preciate for Slack. To get started:

  • Sign up or log in directly from Slack

  • Type /preciate in the message bar to give recognition to team members in your workspace

  • /preciate pulls up a modal where you can choose a team member and a badge to recognize

  • Submit the recognition to create a live feed of good being done
  • Stickers can be added to recognitions in Slack using the overflow buttons on every recognition message
  • Advanced functionality for companies and team leaders is available 

  • Bring the benefits of public praise to your Slack workspace
  • Works seamlessly with Preciate's iOS, Android, Gmail, MSTeams, and web apps


For informative articles and video tutorials, visit our Help Center.

To reach out directly, contact a Preciate team member at support@preciate.org.

Building the most valuable relationships on earth.

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