Increase Engagement, Improve Performance, and Attract Better Talent

Business Results Driven by Relationships

Company culture, teamwork, and engagement are driven by relationships. The stronger and deeper relationships are among your employees, co-workers, and partners, the more resilient and effective your business will be. 

Preciate elevates recognition to meet new workforce expectations while leveraging it to drive better business results.

Increase Engagement.  Build higher levels of trust and workplace bonds to drive employee retention, morale, and discretionary effort.

Improve Performance.  Reinforce the behaviors needed for your company to win in a competitive market.

Showcase Positive Culture.  Leverage your recognition program to attract better talent and reduce recruiting costs.

Manager at peace with his recognition system

Simple, Fast, and Affordable.

Preciate Recognition and Rewards at Scale

Today's C-level Executives, Managers, and HR leaders are busy, and budgets are under pressure. Preciate has all the features that drive real engagement and performance, but at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

Why? It's our mission to bring Culture Nirvana to every company on the planet.

Our modern platform is less complicated, quicker to launch, and easier to afford.

Recognition for every company, everywhere

Recognition for Everyone: Frontline to Front Office

Whether it's health care, construction, education, manufacturing, or services, today's most valuable people want their work to have meaning and their relationships at work to be strong.