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The quality of the relationships in our lives, not the quantity, is what makes us truly happy. We all know this in our hearts, and we know it from modern science.

Preciate is 100% dedicated to helping you build stronger, deeper relationships. At work and everywhere else, too.


We are a Certified B Corporation®

While we are a for-profit company, we believe our business must have a higher calling than cash. This includes our primary purpose of helping people strengthen relationships -- and more.

Our business, growing bigger each day, has an impact beyond the members we serve. We must be conscious of our choices (indirectly via suppliers as well as our own). Because all the money we spend can have a real, positive impact for both social and environmental causes. 

It's all part of being a new kind of business creating a new kind of good.


Our Core Values

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Relationships First

Building authentic, lasting relationships is at the core of everything we do. We focus on what value we can bring to others, rather than what we can get from them.

We live it by promoting a work environment that supports time with family and friends. 


Boundless Adventure

We are explorers who say, “YES!” to new challenges. We embrace uncertainty with the confidence that our vision and values will guide us to the best future.

We live it by dedicating our careers to a new frontier where human happiness and workplace success are one and the same.

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Abundant Appreciation

We cultivate a habit of consistent gratitude by openly and enthusiastically recognizing the contributions and accomplishments of others.

We live it by taking the time to craft thoughtful and meaningful recognitions and send them to our co-workers, friends, clients, and partners.

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Unambiguous Integrity

We are consistent and truthful in our actions, words, decisions, and efforts. Wherever we are, regardless of circumstance, we are people of principle.

We live by doing the right thing, especially when no one is looking.

Join the Movement: 8 Billion Recognitions in 2030

Giving and receiving recognition is a powerful experience that builds strong relationships at work and elsewhere. Our crazy goal is to enable 8 billion recognitions in 2030 - one for every man, woman, and child expected to be living on earth.

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