It's a brand new way to socialize online.

Build stronger, more authentic relationships with Preciate Social, the tool for high-quality virtual socializing.


Grow Together with Preciate Social


Preciate's core purpose is helping people build stronger, more authentic relationships.

From decades of research (and in our hearts), we know the power relationships have when it comes to human happiness. Preciate was founded with the core purpose of making the process of growing relationships easier for people. 

With the complexities of the modern world, inevitably some relationship building has to happen virtually. More companies have remote employees every day, and friend groups are spread across the country. 

Now, in addition to giving and receiving recognition, users can socialize in the brand new Preciate Social product!


Introducing Preciate Social


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Get a taste of the magic

Preciate Social is unlike anything else that exists today. Hop into a Social by simply clicking a link. Navigate the space with your arrow keys and have different conversations throughout the Social. Listen to music together, and hear voices change in volume as you move further apart.







Easy Entry & Navigation

Join the Social with a click of a button or link. Take some time in the waiting room to make sure your video and audio are working correctly. Then, enter the Social and begin navigating with your computer's arrow keys.

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Seamless Invitation Process

Inviting people to a Social is as easy as sharing a link with them. Copy the link and share it via email, text, calendar invite, etc.

Hosts determine privacy settings to prevent anyone from entering without the proper permissions.

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Integrated with Preciate Recognition

Without ever leaving the Social, you can give recognition to Preciate users of your choice. Teams can have social events centered around giving recognition. Take your social, relationship-building experience to the next level with the power of recognition.


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Like Being There in Person

Preciate Social uses patent-pending technology to create a social experience as close to real thing as you can get. Move around the room to participate in different conversations. The people close to you will be full volume while those on the periphery have their volume decreased. Plus, you can listen to the same music playlist together!

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Helpful Resources

For a more detailed explanation of Preciate Social and how to use it, check out our Help Center. We go over everything from hosting a Social to giving recognition during a Social.


Enjoy Music Together... From Anywhere

Preciate Social introduces a new way to experience music virtually. The host determines the playlist, and everyone can hear the same music throughout the Social. The music is located on the right side of the venue, so navigate to the right to have a little dance party. Then, move further left to have more focused conversations with others in the Social. 



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Want to host a Preciate Social?

Right now, Preciate Social is available to all users, including those at the free tier. Preciate users without a paid membership are limited to 30 minute Socials.

Preciate Social is still a new product in its beta phase, but we have opened it up for the benefit of all our users. Please feel free to create Socials with your coworkers, friends, family, etc. Now is the time to connect with the people who matter most, regardless of physical distance. 

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