The World's Most Insightful Recognition Platform

Unlock Your Positive Emotional Culture

While cognitive culture programs tell people "how to act," emotional culture initiatives help people grow stronger relationships, build trust, and collaborate more efficiently. Without a strong emotional culture, cognitive culture can feel forced and out of touch.

Promote a positive emotional culture with the world's most insightful recognition app - Preciate. Activate the "give-get cycle" in an experience designed to make a difference at the core level of relationships.

Then, leverage it with a Preciate Portrait to make your online brand narrative more attractive to prospective employees, clients, and partners.

Sunrise with golden rays coming through the clouds.

A Perfect Portrait

Recognitions given and received by your team are showcased in a stunning web-based Portrait. Effortlessly build your brand and share with prospective employees, customers, and partners.

Two hands shake over a tennis net, recognizing their opponent's effort and displaying positive emotional culture.

Include Customers and Partners

Business today requires collaboration with partners, freelancers, and customers. Preciate is the only recognition solution that enables you to involve anyone from any company anytime.

Two security guards in suits looking in opposite directions.

Security and Control

Our unique "double-verification" workflow ensures only appropriate information is presented in Portraits. A permissioned admin interface provides controls for managing users.