Strengthen Teams and Increase Employee Engagement

Why Preciate+? 

Building positive company culture and increasing employee engagement is hard to do on your own. That's where we can help. Preciate is a peer appreciation platform where anyone can give and receive recognition in order to strengthen their relationships. When employees feel appreciated, amazing things happen. They become more engaged and fulfilled, which increases performance and retention.

We believe the key to human happiness lies in creating strong relationships with the people around you, and our research found appreciation to be a key pillar in relationship building. That's why we became a Certified B Corporation®. We believe transparency is critically important and that businesses have a responsibility to enrich the Social Good. 

If you want to learn more about launching an innovative, socially conscious, and affordable recognition program, let us know by requesting a demo. We look forward to helping you build an incredible company culture.

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Core Values

Integrate your company's core values into your employee recognition system. Core value stickers are a fun way to bring in your company culture while also giving you a way to track particular values throughout the organization.

Preciate recognition report


With recognition and core value reports, get added insight into the flow of recognition at your company. Make employee engagement visible to key stakeholders. Analyze real data to increase the effectiveness of your program over time.

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Launch Support

We're here to guide every Preciate+ member through their individual launch needs. Whether a team is interested in learning how to use a specific integration or wants an in-depth launch with our entire platform, our customer support team can do it all.

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Fits in Any Budget

Getting started with a few people on your team is easy. Want to test it out? Preciate is free to use.  Just sign up and start recognizing others. When you're ready to expand to a broader group or launch to your entire enterprise, Preciate+ gives you everything you need to be successful:

  • $5/employee/year
  • Admin controls and reports
  • Launch campaign and best practices support
  • Add-ons like core value stickers

Easy Access on all Preferred Platforms

Preciate is available as a mobile app (iOS and Android), via web-based browser, and integrated to popular collaboration tools Slack and Microsoft Teams. 

We make it easy for your people to give recognition to each other, which lowers friction and increases the number of uses per week. Higher usage drives stronger relationships and increases employee engagement.

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Privacy and Control for Admins

We understand that every company has different security needs. Preciate+ gives companies additional controls over their account when it comes to privacy. Get all the same team-strengthening benefits without any worry of sensitive information becoming public. 

Privacy controls include:

  • Monitor and approve employees joining your company
  • Reviewing every recognition associated with your company before it goes public (post delay)