Showcase the Best of You with Portraits

Receiving recognition feels good, brings us together, and tells the story of who we are. So why shouldn't the best parts be yours forever?

Preciate uniquely assembles recognitions given and received into Portraits -- yours to share with the world. Explore this incredible tool and see why it's always better to give recognition that lasts.

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The Most Beneficial Way to Foster Recognition

Whether you are looking to get Preciate going with your team or your whole company, Portraits make each act of recognition more valuable.

Preciate Portraits' Key Features and Benefits:

  • Recognition lives only as long as you want it to
  • High fidelity, real-time, peer-verified insights
  • No anonymous or unwanted contributions
  • Fair and balanced: You must give to receive
  • Controls and settings enable you to curate your Portrait
  • Web-based, shareable, and discoverable