The Interactive Recognition Platform for Microsoft Teams

What is Preciate?

Preciate is a peer-to-peer recognition platform designed to build stronger relationships in the workplace.

Increase engagement and improve performance with the most insightful recognition platform available at any price. Build positive company culture through the power of appreciation.

  • Give in-the moment, personalized recognition using badges, stickers, pictures, and signature drawings.
  • Recognition on Preciate knows no boundaries. Works seamlessly with customers, contractors, and partners.
  • Inspire your team with company activity on a live feed. Add likes and stickers to any recognition.
  • Showcase your positive company culture on your web-based company Portrait. Each Preciate member gets a personalized Portrait, too.

Premium features and reports are available at an additional cost.

Mobile apps for iOS and Android, Microsoft Teams and Slack apps, and web-browser app all sync to make it easy to use Preciate where and when it's most convenient.


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How Preciate Works in Microsoft Teams

  • Mention @preciate in any channel to get started.
  • Create a personalized recognition. Choose a badge and add text, a photo, a sticker, and a signature drawing.
  • When you're done, everyone in the channel can see the recognition.
  • By using tabs, all the features of Preciate are available. Includes Activity Feed, Portraits, Connections, and Settings.

To learn more about using Preciate's Microsoft Teams application, visit our Help Center.


MSTeams screenshot #1 - sign on


MSTeams screenshot - sidebar access



MSTeams screenshot - recognition feed and connector



MSTeams screenshot - recognition creator tab



MSTeams screenshot - bot recognition


MSTeams screenshot - tab navigation


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Video Resources for Preciate's Microsoft Teams Application