Our Mission? Building Valuable Relationships

Preciate is a purpose-driven company and a Certified B Corp. We’re devoted to delivering real relationship growth, and that makes us different than every other reward/recognition, business networking, or talent management solution. Founded by a handful of entrepreneurs who put purpose as high as profit, Preciate is redefining an entire category of technology while aiming to change the world for the better.

Strong relationships are the core of a strong business culture. "Engagement" cannot happen without people being engaged with each other at a human level. And performance improvements are not sustainable without an engaged workforce. 

Tomorrow's workforce is going to be even more emotionally intelligent than today's. Helping your people build "relational wealth" is not just good for them or for your business. It's fast becoming a basic expectation.

We don’t think of Preciate as a product. It’s a movement of people who believe giving is not for getting, it doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to bring good to the world, and one simple act of recognition can spark a powerful and positive chain reaction. 

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Preciate Team

Columns with pictures of Preciate employees

Ed Stevens

Founder and CEO

Columns with pictures of Preciate employees

Andrew Delaney


Columns with pictures of Preciate employees

Lydia Stevens

Digital Marketing Manager

Columns with pictures of Preciate employees

Rauli Parvala

Technical Fellow

Columns with pictures of Preciate employees

Gabriel Leyva Merino

Full Stack Engineer

Board of Directors:  Ed Stevens, Dave Morrison, and John Witchel